Thank you for considering sponsorship of this event. Please complete the interest form.
Completing the interest form does not commit you to sponsorship in any way.

Please take a moment to review the suggested sponshorship levels and the associated benefits. If you would like to structure a custom sponsorship package, please complete the interest form anyway and we will be in touch right away.

LEVEL 1 ($125) Your company name and logo are placed prominently throughout the event

LEVEL 2 ($300) LEVEL 1 benefits PLUS: receive recognition from the stage throughout the days of the event, your logo and slogan are placed and displayed on a 4’ x 6’ high quality banner

LEVEL 3 ($600) You are added to the radio campaign and mentioned on radio plugs (local stations) 1 week prior to event, added to social media marketing campaign, your company logo and slogan are placed & displayed on a prominent 4’ x 10’ banner on the main stage or over 1 of the 2 main vendor areas

LEVEL 4 ($800) You are added to radio and social media marketing and 12 cases (288 bottles) of bottled water are branded with your company logo and distributed free to guests throughout the event. Your company name is mentioned over the loud speaker numerous times throughout the event as “Free bottled water provided by: YOUR COMPANY NAME”

LEVEL 5 ($1000) You are added as a featured sponsor to our radio and social media campaign, print campaign and 1000 neck lanyards with your company branding will be distributed free to guests

LEVEL 6 ($1500) Your company will be recognized as the providers of the entire food court. Your brand and logo will be displayed all throughout a 40’ by 100’ tent structure where every attendee who purchases food, drink, treat or beer & wine will stand in line and also sit and eat/drink. The food court will be named after your company and referred to as “The COMPANY NAME food court” over the loud speaker system several times both days of the event. Your company will also receive 4 VIP tickets with $100 food vouchers.

LEVEL 7 ($2500) Your company will be named as the sponsor of a 6 aircraft formation demonstration over the event area by a professional demonstration team that provides formation flights choregraphed to patriotic music. This formation fly-over will be the only sanctioned aviation performance of the event and can only take place on Sunday. A significant number of people will attend on Sunday just to see this performance. This portion of the event will be heavily marketed as “The Bandit Flight team sponsored by YOUR COMPANY”.

LEVEL 8 ($4000) Music Sponsor. The entire musical performance will be advertised as sponsored by your company. The entire stage area will be branded with your company logo and slogan. You will be provided numerous opportunities to speak from the stage over the loud speaker system to the entire event to promote your company and you will be invited to introduce the band which will be the main event of the evening. Your company will also receive 8 VIP passes each with $100 food vouchers.

LEVEL 9 ($6000) HEADLINE SPONSOR – The entire event will be advertised as sponsored by your company. The benefits of this sponsorship level are extensive and will be discussed with the sponsor so a custom sponsorship package can be built to meet your impression goal.